​​Beaconeer™ Lite for iPhone. Beta-testing in progress.

The Beaconeer™ Community Blog 

A GPS, Text Message, Alert App for Android 

WANTED...iPhone Test Flight Beta-Testers needed for Beaconeer™Lite test of GPS! First, download the Test Flight app...then click on this link to test Beaconeer™Lite build #202111489. All beta-testers need to complete a short survey. Excellent volunteer opportunity for anyone interested in rewarding career in the fast-growing cross-platform Android/iPhone mobile app industry...

*Parental Guidance and supervision required for use by individuals 17 and under 

Who can use The Beaconeer™

* Church Ushers, Greeters

* Storefront, Front Office Staff

* Parents, *Students, School Staff, Teachers

* Medical Emergencies 

​* Social Events

...most everyone!

The Beaconeer