Beaconeer™ is pleased to announce two app products that promote safety, education, and preparedness... The Beaconeer™, a personal safety communications app for Android, is available on Google Play...GAE2024 is a vocabulary builder with 40 words pronounced in English & Spanish related to Eclipses and other Astronomica Objects, in preparation for next Great American Eclipse on April 8, 2024. It is available for Android and iPhone...

GAE2024 Great American Eclipse App ™

* A "Forty Words for Bright Futures"™,

 app, to promote A+ English Competency,

Bilingualism, and Preparedness skills 

​for ages 10+

* Once downloaded, no Internet needed

   for primary features to work! 



*Parental Guidance and supervision required for use by individuals 17 and under 

App Products for Safety, Education, and Preparedness

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Who can use The Beaconeer™

* Church Ushers, Greeters

* Storefront, Front Office Staff

* Parents, *Students, School Staff,


* Medical Emergencies 

​* Social Events

...most everyone!