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About the Beaconeer™ Lite App (release date To Be Announced) 

Beaconeer™ Lite for iPhone sends text messages and GPS Vicinity, to a user defined recipient list. In a localized or personal at-risk event, the red, yellow, green “beacons”, when pressed, include an automatic incident status message.  

Code Red sends GPS location and a "Send Help" status message. 

Code Yellow sends GPS location and an "At-Risk" status message.

Code Green sends GPS location and a "All's Well" status message.

How to use...

Make sure your location sensor (GPS) and Internet are enabled, before using this app. 

  • When you first open the app, you will need to accept the EULA (End-User License Agreement) before the app will function.
  • Once the EULA is accepted , you will be directed to the Beaconeer™ Lite Ops Screen. The Latitude, Longitude, and Vicinity should appear within 4-8  seconds.
  • If  it takes longer, move to a window and away from interior of building. Or,  Click on "Tap to display/update Vicinity..." to refresh or update Latitude, Longitude, and Vicinity.
  • Important note: This app provides VICINITY only, within a radius of 32 meters or 105 feet
  • Before attempting to send a Green, Yellow, or Red Beacon, you need to add phone number/names to your Beacon List. Click on "Edit" to add/save/delete phone numbers and names in your Beacon List. 
  • All functions are now ready to use. If you click on any of the "Beacons", Red, Yellow, or Green, Beaconeer™ Lite will fetch the most current instance of your Vicinity, while adding an alert status message, and launch iPhone's Text Messenger..
  • In an actual situation, if you have to send a Code Red, you should always follow -up the beacon discharge by sending additional information and details in the text message box. 
  • The ideal situation is to de-escalate a Code Red down to a Code Green status! 
  • We strongly recommend you have a discussion with those whom you want on your "Beaconeer List". You must always have their opt-in or permission. Discuss what your "protocol" or plan of action will be when your recipients receive a beacon message. 

Tip: The Beaconeer Op Screen is touch sensitive! Avoid misfiring a Beacon

When the app is not in use, exit or set it on another screen, such as Notes or FAQ screens.  

The Beaconeer™ Co-Inventors are P.Kelly and F.Avery.

We hope this app starts the conversation, with families, organizations such as churches, storefront staff, and everyone who faces daily situations where they experience a need to "proceed with caution" or feel they are in an "at-risk" situation.
We hope people will use Beaconeer™ Lite as a tool to be pro-active in emergency communications planning. We recommend you have a church staff meeting, a company office meeting, or family meeting periodically to review your "Beaconeer Protocol".