​​The Beaconeer™, for Android,  was originally designed for Church Ushers and Greeters who are the first line of defense in a church. It will give them added protection in emergencies so they can maintain a sense of control in difficult situations at the door.  Once you login, 1 click on the Red, Yellow, or Green "Beacon" and the church's security Team or Trustees are alerted that a level of help is needed:

The Beaconeer™ sends text messages and GPS locality, to a user defined recipient list. In a localized or personal at-risk event, the red, yellow, green “beacons”, when pressed, include an automatic incident status message.  

Code Red sends GPS location and a danger status message. 

Code Yellow sends GPS location and a caution status message.

Code Green sends GPS location and a "situation under control" status message.

Basic Instructions

  • When you first open the app, we suggest you create a unique login password. This is to keep unauthorized persons from seeing the names and phone numbers in your three Beaconeer Lists.  If you don't create a password at initial login, the default password will remain "pw" until you change it! 
  • Upon login you will see the Beaconeer 1 Operations Screen, with the red, yellow, and green Beacons. If you press any of them nothing will happen. Why? The "Beacons" will not discharge your GPS location or text message  because you have no phone numbers entered or saved yet! 
  • Go to Edit Beaconeer List 1 and enter your phone number, as a "practice " number! 
  • Now, return to the Beaconeer 1 Operations Screen, and wait until the Latitude, Longitude, and Locality displays. Then click on the Red, Yellow, and Green beacons! You should receive successive status text messages, with your GPS location attached.
  • In an actual situation, you should always follow -up the beacon discharges by sending additional information and details in the text message box. You can choose to include your GPS location , or not , when sending follow-up messages in the text box. 
  • The ideal situation is to de-escalate a Code Red down to a Code Green status! 
  • You can always add, edit, delete phone numbers and names in the "Beacon List" Screens.  Important Note: Editing a phone number will create a new record!  If the record is no longer current or needed, just delete it! 
  • We strongly recommend you have a discussion with those whom you want on your "Beaconeer List". You must always have their opt-in or permission. Discuss what your "protocol" or plan of action will be when your recipients receive a beacon message. 

Tip: The Beaconeer Operations Screens are touch sensitive! Avoid misfiring your Beacons!  

When the app is not in use, exit or set it on another screen, such as the Edit, Notes, or FAQ screens.  

The Beaconeer™ Co-Inventors are P.Kelly and F.Avery.

We hope this app starts the conversation, with families, organizations such as churches, storefront staff, and everyone who faces daily situations where they experience a need to "proceed with caution" or feel they are in an "at-risk" situation.
We hope people will use The Beaconeer™ as a tool to be pro-active in emergency communications planning. We recommend you have a church staff meeting, a company office meeting, or family meeting periodically to review your "Beaconeer Protocol".

Sample Church Protocol Form ...Download and modify this sample form to suit the needs of your Church Security Team...This form can also be modified for front office use, or family use...


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