The Beaconeer™ is for United States distribution only, at this time. Use of any features in The Beaconeer™ constitutes user's acceptance of the Terms of Use described below:

Terms of Use: 

1. The Co-Inventors do not guarantee accurate display of any address, due to variation in GPS trilateration over time, which can vary within 32 meter radius, or 105 feet. Co-Inventors shall not be held liable for any outcomes due to inaccurate address. Always follow-up a beacon discharge with a text message with actual address, if you know it.

2. The Co-Inventors, Google, MIT, and Phone Manufacturers shall not be held liable for improper use or illegal use (i.e., spamming, campaigning, flash-mobbing) of features in The Beaconeer™. The Co-Inventors shall not be held liable for outcomes due to improper or illegal use of the GPS or text features in The Beaconeer™​​

3. The Beaconeer™ is not suitable for mass texting or use during wide-area at-risk events, because in such cases, Internet or Phone service may be disrupted and unavailable.

4. The use of Google/MIT AppInventor , Google Map components, and reference to any organization in The Beaconeer™ does not constitute or imply endorsement of this app by Google, MIT, or any other organization referenced by The Beaconeer™.

​5. User of The Beaconeer™ shall hold harmless the Co-Inventors, Google/MIT, Phone Company or Internet Provider for long distance domestic or international phone call or text message charges, incurred as a result of correct or wrong numbers entered by the user.

6. The Beaconeer™ is not suitable for use by persons under 18, without permission, guidance, and supervision by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian assumes all liability for use of this app by a minor.

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