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Privacy Policy for Beaconeer™ Lite, for iPhone :

Revised November 2020     App Release Date to be announced

We value your privacy and want you to know how we handle information you submit in Beaconeer™ Lite for iPhone.

We protect your privacy in the following manner:

1. Beaconeer™ Lite Ops screen :  

There are 10 rows to which you can Add, Edit, Delete Phone Numbers.  The Phone, Name, and Relation entries are saved in Local Storage in the app. We do not use any type of tracking cookie to redirect your information to our website, Beaconeer.US.

2. Phone Dialer – The Phone Dialer component in the Beaconeer™ Lite Ops screen does not transfer any information on calls made, to any server, nor are they saved in any manner whatsoever in The Beaconeer™ app memory. 

3. Red , Yellow , and Green Beacons – When pressed these buttons send your  Latitude, Longitude, and Locality, along with the user-defined text message to the selected phone number in your "Beacon List".  We do not transfer any information as to the  GPS location or Text messages sent,  to any server, nor is the GPS location "logged" or saved in any manner whatsoever your phone's Local Storage memory.

4. Camera - When the camera button is pressed , a photo is saved to your phones memory.  At the option of the user, the photo can be shared.  We do not transfer any image information to any remote server, in any manner whatsoever. 

5. Notepad - Content saved in the Notes Screen is saved to Local Storage on your iPhone. We do not transfer any content saved in Notes to a remote server. 

We  collect information through our online rating form for The Beaconeer™. You may submit the information anonymously, or you may provide your name, email, phone number. We may use this information to send you special offers and updates regarding Beaconeer products and services. We will never sell your information to third parties. 

We also collect information on this website, www.Beaconeer.US , through the  Contact  form. When you provide your name, email, phone number  you may receive special offers and updates regarding The Beaconeer™ products and services. We will never sell your information to third parties.