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Beaconeer™Lite for iPhone is for United States distribution only, at this time. Use of any features in the Beaconeer™Lite app constitutes user's acceptance of the Terms of Use described below:

Terms of Use: 

1. The Co-Inventors do not guarantee accurate display of any address, due to variation in GPS (Global Positioning System) trilateration over time, which can vary within a radius of 32 meters or 105 feet.

The buttons in the “Beaconeer™ Lite Ops" screen, such as Edit, Launch, Google Map, Phone, Camera, Notes, are fully functional and responsive after GPS latitude, longitude, and vicinity displays completely, which usually takes 4-8 seconds. GPS usually does not work in caves or in deep interior closets and enclosures of buildings.

Co-Inventors shall not be held liable for any outcomes due to inaccurate latitude, longitude, physical address data or delay in loading of GPS display. We provide a “vicinity” location only. Always follow-up a beacon discharge with a text message with actual address, if you know it.

2. Neither the The Co-Inventors,, Google, nor Phone Manufacturers or Internet Providers shall be held liable or at fault for improper use or illegal use (i.e., spamming, campaigning, flash-mobbing) of features in Beaconeer™Lite. The Co-Inventors shall not be held liable for outcomes due to improper or illegal use of the GPS or text features in Beaconeer™Lite.

3. Beaconeer™Lite is not suitable for texting use during wide-area at-risk events, because in such cases, Internet or Phone service may be disrupted and unavailable.

4. Any references to, Google, any Phone Manufacturer or any Internet provider do not constitute or imply endorsement of Beaconeer™Lite by any of these commercial entities.

5. User of Beaconeer™Lite shall hold harmless the Co-Inventors,, Google, any Phone Manufacturer, and any Internet provider for long distance, domestic, or international phone call, text message charges, or Internet data plan charges incurred as a result of correct or wrong numbers entered in the Beacon List and activated by the user, resulting in an intended or unintended beacon discharge.

6. Beaconeer™Lite is not suitable for use by persons under 18, without permission, guidance, and supervision by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian assumes all liability for use of this app by a minor.

7. The Beaconeer™ organization does not collect GPS or phone number data on users during real time use of Beaconeer™Lite. We invite you to rate our mobile app online. You may opt-in to provide personal information at that time. We do not sell personal data to third parties. See our current
Privacy Policy online.

We do not use any tracking cookies. We do not collect data on users without your opt-in or permission.  See our current Privacy Policy.